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Health Insurance

Page Senior Services - Medicare Supplement Products. Photo © Andy Dean - Fotolia.comMedicare Products this can be very confusing we have a lot of expertise in this area and carry:

  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Part D Rx Plans

Life Insurance

It's not for the people who die,
   but for the people who live.

We carry a complete line of life products:

  • Whole life and Universal life from infants to seniors
  • Term a less expensive way to protect your family.
  • Final Expense a type of whole life for seniors that is easier to qualify for.


Page Senior Services - Long Term Care Insurance for Seniors. Photo © iofoto - Fotolia.comAnnuities are an excellent savings vehicle that provides tax deferred growth and avoids probate. They can also provide an income that you cannot outlive. These work well with both your IRAs as well as your nonqualified money.
  • Fixed annuities provides CDlike returns.
  • Index annuities potentially higher returns without giving up the safety.

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